Do More of What Makes You Happy

This weekend I indulged and treated myself to some well-earned ‘me time’, taking a break from my non-stop life to do my nails and sort trough my wardrobe to make room for the… Continue reading

Fashion Hoot

I’ve always loved the owl pendant on my necklace but never really found myself wearing it all that often, so I got creative. I love that by wrapping the thin gold chain around… Continue reading

Back with Style

In the midst of renovating my first property, working a highflying go-go-go career, starting a new fitness kick, being a good friend, modelling & making time to for romantic trips away, my blog… Continue reading

Getting Lost in Words

After watching the Great Gatsby last year I was totally absorbed by the glitz and glam of the roaring 20s. The fashion had always caught my eye, with it’s intricate beading, low-waisted shift… Continue reading

Delicate Chains

Ever since I bought my thin chained cross bracelet, it’s been hard to remember a time when this delicate piece of jewellery wasn’t on my wrist. I’ve been looking a little more into… Continue reading

Quilted Comfort

With spring just ahead, I started looking for a lighter jacket to take away the chill of the winter air. So when I saw this quilted navy coat, I knew I could be… Continue reading

Loving Gel Manicures

I had to share my excitement for my home gel nail kit that I got for Christmas… I love it! It’s so convenient to do at home and my nails dry in 60… Continue reading

A Porschen of Heaven

I was delighted to find my love of cakes, cuteness and clean designs harmoniously combined in London’s Peggy Porschen boutique shop and cafĂ©. The store is a visual delight from the moment you… Continue reading

All That Glitters Is Gold

My accessories for today are really brightening up my outfit. I’ve gone for soft golds and contrasted delicate thin bands with a chunky cuff bracelet to mix it up a little. I’ve opted… Continue reading

Cut Digital

This is the Zara skirt I bought for my New Years outfit and I’m so pleased that I’ve found other places to wear it out to since. The mini skirt, with it’s angular… Continue reading

Mad About Matte

I have been a fan of the matte nail look for a while now, so I couldn’t resist when I saw this gorgeous matte BarryM blood red colour varnish today. Normally my nails… Continue reading

Sheer Opulence & Collar Jewels

After kickstarting a healthy eating and exercise regime I am now back to a similar size to what I was when I was happy and I feel great! Although I was never going… Continue reading

The Liebster Award: Pt 1

First of all, I want to say thank you to the four gorgeous people who have nominated me for the Liebster Award! As there are so many questions to answer, this will be… Continue reading

Long Locks

I didn’t realise just how long my hair was until I went to take a photo and it wouldn’t all fit in the frame… I’m definitely in need of a good few inches… Continue reading

Aggressively Animal

What can I say about my new earrings apart from how much I love them?! I wrote about my new fierce finger top a while back when I first fell in love with… Continue reading